Tali and Breana Partners in crime
Breana and Tali

Partners in crime

What started as partners in crime, taking on the west coast one road trip at a time, turned into an organic partnership in creating TAB, a multi-brand contemporary clothing showroom. Our goal has always been to love what we do— to throw out that boring definition of “work” and find a way to make our profession something that’s genuinely fun. Out of that mindset, we’ve grown a beautiful environment where our brands and our stores are more than just colleagues and associates— they’re friends and family. We’re grateful to say that we live in a world where we truly love what we do, and we love who we do it with.

After working together for so long, we’ve basically turned into the same person— so, when the business blossomed and it was time to find a name, we thought, well the people have merged already, so why not merge our names too? Just like that, Tali And Breana came together, and TAB was born. Although, we are admittedly very different, we’ve found the perfect balance and the true meaning of finding one’s other half…or, as we prefer to say, finding the salt to your lime! With decades of experience coming together, we’ve developed the best methods for growing brands— both new and established— and the bottom line is that it truly is all about relationships. And that is the foundation of our showroom— people. TAB’s ultimate goal is to provide a home away from home, and a fun, stress-free vibe for all those we are lucky enough to make a part of the TAB family.

Tali and Breana - Partners in Crime

TAB was born

TAB is the perfect destination for any brand

looking to grow its boutique and major business.
We assist in all aspects of growth, from product development, merchandising, design direction and sale strategies. We cater what we do specifically to each brand because, just like people, every brand is different and needs it’s own unique plan for success!
TAB Showroom - happy hour

The beautifully built friendships that we have developed with our stores are as important to us as the brands we represent! Just like we are the halves to each other’s whole, our stores are the Gin to our brands’ Tonic…so, if you are a new store and hoping to open up a tab with us, we invite you to join us where every hour is a happy hour!


Tali & Breana